I have been cooking all of my life. I started watching my Grandma, Pop Pop and Mom cook as a kid. I was fortunate that they had the patience and encouraged me in the kitchen . I worked in kitchens throughout school and was accepted to culinary school out of high school. Instead of pursuing a career as a chef, I went on to study management and declined culinary school. I continued to be passionate about food and would consider myself a foodie. I knew deep down that one day I would open a restaurant. It was more not of if, but when.

 The idea of Scratch was born after a business trip to Portland, OR. I was amazed at the food scene that was there and the crazy food being made in trucks/trailers/carts. I would daydream about finding a way to bring what I saw, smelled and tasted in Portland to Indianapolis. 3 months after my Portland trip, I was laid off from my job. I can remember as I was being told I no longer had a job, I was very calm and a strange smile came over my face. Here I was, at the intersection of preparation and opportunity. One door was closing, but another one was opening. Since then I have slid all of my chips in the middle and present to you Scratch. This is my passion and I hope to share my passion with you.


12 Responses to About

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  2. rita brown says:

    Can you come to my job 3450 N Meridian Indiana Blood Center. 46208

  3. Sharon DeBoard says:

    We at the North Arlington Health Center (a Wishard Clinic) would so welcome a visit from the Scratch Truck Please come to our location at 2505 North Arlington Avenue sometime – the North Arlington Health Center – a Wishard Clinic. Not too many good lunch choices ’round these here parts! 🙂

  4. Jim Brown says:

    ScratchTruck has been one of our most reliable food trucks ever since they served as our inaugural “experiment” many, many months ago! They’re one of the most popular and reliable trucks around — and I know, because I write on a freelance basis about food trucks all over the country!

  5. Renee says:

    A friend who’s a gardener raved to me yesterday about your blueberry thyme lemonade. I am eager to track down your truck.

  6. Shari Hoekstra Knight says:

    Thanks to my daughter and son-in-law’s suggestion, to this newly Irvington (REGIONITE) transplant…you now have another HUGE fan 🙂

  7. Debi in Texas says:

    Hot Rolls would be nice 🙂

  8. Eleanor says:

    Today’s brisket sandwich was a real winner! The peach glaze made it extra tasty.

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