Today’s Schedule (2/28)

LUNCH 11am-1:30pm-Downtown-TJ Maxx-Market & Illinois (will update if parking is issue)

DINNER 5:30pm-9pm-Lawrence-Triton Brewing-5764 Wheeler Rd


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3 Responses to Today’s Schedule (2/28)

  1. Would you mind if I came up to INDY to observe how you do what you do? I just bought a food trailer in Evansville and want to emulate what you do. I plan to do all the cooking on Big Green Eggs, like Chef JJ Boston
    John Bassemier
    Do you ever have to pay rent to park your rig, like at sports events parking lots?

    • scratchtruck says:

      Sorry I just saw this. When were you planning on coming to Indy?

      • Thanks for answering me. I would like to come up when your food truck association meets. I would like to listen to your meeting where your organization’s member issues are discussed. I have a lot to learn. Last year I lost $4000 in four weeks on a shaved ice operation.
        I just finished a Safe Serve class and as today I have need accepted by the area plan comission, building comission and fire department. I think now I only need the blessings of the Health Department and the Controllers office
        Thank you, John Bassemier

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